Awesome Wars — A true NFT game

Awesome Wars
5 min readApr 16, 2021

Awesome Wars is an on-chain crypto game based on the Font Awesome. It is a collection of 11,925 unique digital icons spread across five styles. By owning an Awesome nifty and by joining fights, you can accumulate AW tokens which can be used to buy standard addons and increase attributes.

Awesome Wars NFTs

When you’re getting an Awesome Wars NFT, you are not simply buying a digital good. You are part of a digital movement. Our smart contracts allow you to cater to your NFT, giving you the ability to improve its stats. Thus, you become one of the creators that shape your property into a timeless work of art, fully integrated into the new digital economy.

Attributes and Classes

Each Awesome NFT comes with several attributes: Life, Armour, Attack, Defence, Magic, Luck, Stamina, Color, and Animation. These attributes are stored on-chain. Thus nobody can delete or edit these, except their rightful owner. Players can upgrade each attribute of their NFTs for a flat price of 10 AW Tokens. AW is a BEP-20 token on which we based the economy of the game. Stamina and color/animation changes cost 100 AW Tokens. These fees can be modified at the request of our community (e.g., they can be increased in later stages of the game).

NFT details page

Awesome Wars NFTs have 5 Classes: Nature, Frost, Shaddow, Fire, and Arcane. Each class has a base attribute, as follows:

Classes and main attributes


Awesome Wars nifties have four rarity levels with the following distribution percent:

Four rarity types generated randomly during minting

Each NFT attribute is capped, depending on the rarity of the NFT. Common nifties have each of their stats limited to level 40. Rare assets are limited to level 50, epics are restricted to level 60, while legendary NFTs can reach level 70.

The battle system

Each Awesome NFT can join daily battles within the limit of its Stamina attribute. An NFT with Stamina 5 can fight five times per day. Stamina can be increased just like any other attribute using the proprietary AW token. Battles are won if an NFT’s battle points are higher than his opponent’s. Base attributes provide a bonus when computing battle points. Here’s the formula for computing these:

Battle points = Life*10 (or *11 if Class Orc) + Armour*10 (or *11 if Class Dwarf) + Attack power*10 (or *11 if Class Elf) + Defence power*10 (or *11 if Class Human) + Magic Power*10 (or *11 if Class Wizzard) + random (1, Luck Power)*10 + Min (LP tokens, 50)

Notice that LP tokens offer a battle bonus capped at 50. This is important, because it’s an easy grab advantage which can be obtained since the beginning of the game.

Addons also influence battle points. An Awesome NFT can host only one Standard and only one Premium addon. Addons are NFTs themselves — they can be traded just like any other NFT. There are 6 Standard addons and 6 Premium addons that you can use:

Standard and Premium addons
  • Standard addons can be minted for 20 AW tokens and are upgradable up to level 40 (each level upgrade costs 10 AW tokens). Each standard addon increases only one attribute of an NFT. There will only be 6000 Standard Addons.
  • Premium addons cost 0.5 BNB to mint and provide an additional layer of game complexity. A premium addon applies to both NFTs in a battle, with the following priority order: Only Luck Attributes, Only Primary Attributes, Deny Luck Attributes, Deny Primary Bonuses, Switch Luck Attributes, Switch Primary Attributes. Only 1000 Premium Addons will be minted.

AW Token and gas costs

All Awesome Wars NFTs produce 1 AW per day. If not claimed, earnings aren’t lost. They accumulate and can be claimed whenever needed, thus saving gas costs.

A single button to claim daily AW tokens from all your NFTs

Speaking of minimizing gas costs, in the fight section, we’ve also implemented a single button that allows you to consume all the daily fights from all your NFTs (but you can also fight with each individual NFT) — the Full Battle mode:

PvP Fight section

Last but not least, minimizing gas was also taken into account when we built our upgrade functionality. You can upgrade all the stats of an NFT simultaneously:

Upgrading multiple attributes at a time

AW tokens are also produced in battles. When you start a battle, you will randomly be matched with an opponent. Whoever has a higher battle points value wins. If your asset wins, your wallet will automatically receive 1 AW. If you lose or the battle results in a draw, you will still be assigned 0.1 AW.

Last but not least, you can get (or sell) AW tokens directly on PancakeSwap.

Future Developments

In the following weeks, we will launch a proprietary marketplace and occasional campaign/missions in which you can participate with your Awesome NFTs.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and enjoy this experience.