Awesome Wars — Version 2

Awesome Wars
5 min readApr 30, 2021

We started Awesome Wars 10 days ago, and we have already gathered a great community around us and a lot of positive feedback! Due to the recent PancakeSwap changes, we were forced to rewrite our contracts to accommodate their new LP contracts. We took this opportunity and made many improvements to our game, based on the feedback provided by several of our community members. Today, we are proud to announce that we will be launching the second version of Awesome Wars in the following hours.

Awesome Wars V2

Here’s the main list of improvements:


Version 1 had a high gas cost per fight ($0.9-$1.4). This was a problem for lots of our users because it prevented them from actually playing the game. Passive fights were distributed randomly, not based on merits. With V2, we’ve changed this. We have optimized the contract and eliminated passive income. The cost per fight is now down to $0.4–$0.7. Only the initiator of the fight receives battle rewards.

There battle points have been augmented as follows:

Battle points = Life*10 (or *11 if Class Nature) + Armour*10 (or *11 if Class Frost) + Attack power*10 (or *11 if Class Fire) + Defence power*10 (or *11 if Class Shadow) + Magic Power*10 (or *11 if Class Arcane) + random (1, Luck Power)*10 + Min (LP tokens, 50) + Win count bonus (10 points — winCount vs winCount) + Buff bonus (20 points)

Notice that besides the LP bonus, players also receive a bonus based on their win count, and a bonus given by the daily buff.

Daily buff

Speaking of, the daily buff is an additional system that allows players to enjoy a 20% increase in token production and a battle bonus of 20 points. Daily buff costs 2 AW and can be renewed daily :).

Claiming tokens

In the initial version of the game, there was a flat daily production rate (which was set at 1AW initially and then lowered at 0.3AW, at the request of the community). In the second version of the game, the production of your NFTs has a variable rate that starts at 0.1AW and improves for LP holders and NFTs with a higher winCount. It’s a meritocracy — those that deserve to receive more. In that spirit, we’ve also implemented a large harvest penalization for each NFT that hasn’t had a single fight in 2 consecutive days (90% penalization).

Here are the win count bonus levels:

  • NFTs with a win count between 100 and 300 have a 10% increase in production
  • NFTs with a win count between 300 and 500 have a 15% increase in production
  • NFTs with a win count of 500 wins or more have a 20% increase in production

Here are the LP bonus levels:

  • Holding between 10 and 30 LPs gives a 10% increase in production
  • Holding between 30 and 50 LPs gives a 15% increase in production
  • Holding 50 LPs or more gives a 20% increase in production

As presented above, the daily buff increases the token production by 20%.

The AW token

AW is the token that governs the game. It’s a utility token. Players use AW in multiple circumstances (supplying liquidity for bonus farming and fighting, doing upgrades, buying standard addons, upgrading standard addons, buying daily buffs, or joining tournaments and other upcoming events).

Initially, it wasn’t meant to have a market value. However, due to the network gas costs, AW tokens are intrinsically linked to the value of the gas spent to initiate battles.

Although it hasn’t got a MAX supply, in the second version of the game, we’ve designed the AW token as capped with low emissions after 2 thresholds:

· First Supply Cap (50% mint reduction): 25000AW

· Second Supply Cap (95% mint reduction): 35000AW

Tokenomics page

If the Total Supply becomes higher than the first or the second threshold, AW received from claiming or fighting will be diminished accordingly. You can find real-time values on our website in the Tokenomics section, as these values are just for information purposes only. We are still calculating the right proportions.

Lower NFT prices

We have lowered the NFT prices and removed the steep price curve. The remaining of our NFTs are now priced decently, from 0.1 to 0.16 BNB.

UI improvements

The major UI improvement is the Full Battle mode for selected NFTs — you can now enjoy the lower prices of the full battle only for those special NFTs you want to battle with. We’ve also introduced the Tokenomics page, which now presents the AW cap levels and their reduction percents in real-time.


Win 30% of each NFT sale directly with our smart contract. Your affiliate link sets a cookie that stores your referral for 48h. During this time, even if the user leaves the site without buying, if he returns and buys, the cookie will still give you credits. Your affiliate link takes the form:

You can see your affiliate balance in real time in the Affiliates section on our websites.

Affiliate section

Migration prerequisites

  • As soon as the migration starts, please migrate your NFTs as soon as possible. Migration is expected to last 72h. After this period, we will close the migration option and remove the old version of the game.
  • Each NFT costs approximately $1, and each NFT addon costs roughly $0.25 to migrate. Unfortunately, this is the lowest price we managed to obtain for a complete transfer from one contract to another.
  • Ensure that you have a maximum of 20 NFTs per wallet. This rule is enforced, so transfers or migration requests will fail after this limit is reached. You should send your NFTs to other wallets if you own more at the same address.
  • Sell your V1 LPs and use your remaining V1 AW tokens for upgrades. There will be a new coin in the V2, so you won’t need these.

It’s a game, not a business

We would like to emphasize that this project is for entertainment purposes only. All the decisions taken through the game that might carry financial consequences are made by the players on their own free willing. Play the game like it should be played: like a game, not like a business.

Updated Disclaimer

The game is under constant development. Many of the values presented above are editable by our smart contract. Awesome Wars team reserves the right to change any variable, graphics, or any other digital element from our website without prior notification. We will not compensate users affected by these changes. Any action based on a certain state of the game is taken solely at your own judgement — the team is not responsible for any losses you may incur from these changes. The idea of changing a game variable is to make the game better for most of the players. We hope that you understand that we can not foresee all the possible implications.